Welcome to the "ROBO SETHIE ZONE"! While my other webpage spaces have some degree of professionalism to them, this place is more personal and has less quality standards.

If you love silly nonsense, sparkly stars, and funny robot boys from space, you're in the right place! Make yourself right at home.


Added the Cool Things page, and added a cool shrine to the Cool Things page! I wonder what it could be?

Added cool sunflowers on the left side! It is my house (site), so I suppose I have the freedom to be indulgent with the aesthetic choices.

I can probably make this look acceptable on mobile at some point, too, so that's pretty great! Mobile may or may not be able to experience the Cool Sunflowers, but if it functions then that's a win.

I will consider making actual pages of content, and not just a cool-looking homepage. I'll think about it!

Edit: About page is done! Yippee!

I started doodling this! Yay! (what's an equivalent of "doodling" but for web coding?).
There is nothing actually here yet but at least it looks nice. That is, after all, the most important part about having a personal webbed site.
As such, none of the links work. Bear with me for now (png of a bear)